Violence Prevention
The GRC commits to a week of programming in January and a month of programming in April and October surrounding stalking, sexual violence, and relationship violence respectively. Ranging from guest speakers and trauma informed yoga to our largest event Take Back the Night. These months bring to light awareness, healing, prevention and promotion of healthy relationships for our campus community.

As one component of the Violence Prevention Initiative, Relationship Violence Awareness Month, Stalking Awareness Month, and Sexual Violence Awareness Month at Notre Dame are intended to:

  1. Increase awareness that sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking affect members of the Notre Dame community
  2. Support survivors of all forms of interpersonal violence
  3. Educate students about prevention strategies and available resources for survivors and their allies
  4. Build a community of healing at Notre Dame

Important Programming Months

  • January - Stalking Awareness Month
  • April - Sexual Violence Awareness Month
  • October - Relationship Violence Awareness Month

For more information about this year's events, visit our events page.

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