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The Gender Relations Center (GRC) promotes moral formation consistent with Catholic identity, mission and values.

As an office in Student Affairs, the GRC designs and implements programs about healthy relationships, gender and sexuality consistent with the Catholic character of the University.  It creates dialogue on campus by collaborating with student clubs, other departments at Notre Dame and community organizations in South Bend.  It is the first and only office of its kind within collegiate student affairs nationwide.

FIRE Starters

Michael Nolan
Michael Nolan

Class: 2015
Residence: Duncan Hall
Major: Chemical Engineering
Email: mnolan8@nd.edu
I am a FIRE Starter because... I have a voice as a FIRE Stater. I never knew how much I wanted to say until I got to Notre Dame, and not just about gender relations. FIRE Starters gives me the means to share my voice, opinions and insights. I feel like I can really make a difference with the help of the amazing community of FIRE Starters, and I can have a good time doing it.

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