Student Involvement
Program Assistants are student employees within the Gender Relations Center that work with the FIRE Starter Leadership Program, provide office support, and implement programs and educational initiatives.

The Program Assistant (PA) position is a 10-hour a week position during the academic year. PAs will be assigned to an Assistant Director as a supervisor, and will work with and alongside that Assistant Director for the academic year.


  • Represent the mission, vision, and values of the GRC as a student employee
  • Function as the top-level leadership cohort in the GRC
  • Execute the duties and responsibilities of the Program Assistant position description

Program Assistants will:

  • Attend TeamND
  • Develop, implement, and support programs and initiatives on behalf of the GRC
  • Each PA is required to have a minimum of 6 predetermined office hours per week (including the Monday night meetings and a 1:1 with their supervisor). the remainder of the hours will be used for events, trainings, and projects that are lead or assisted by the Program Assistant, either in the office or out of the office, depending on the responsibility of the PA.
  • Other duties as assigned by the supervisor or Director of the Gender Relations Center, or their designee.

Each PA will have responsibilities in three primary areas: FIRE Starter Leadership Program, office support and operations, and GRC programs and initiatives under the director of their supervisor.

FIRE Starter Leadership

  • Each PA will be assigned to one of the four FIRE Starter groups (Gender Identity & Intersectionality, Relationships & Authenticity, Sexual Identity,  and Violence Prevention)
  • Each PA will be responsible for working with and guiding the group’s Team Lead to provide support and guidance in overseeing and leading the group. This may include, but is not limited to, programming help/oversight, strategies for accountability, relationship building, advertising and assessment
  • Each PA will be responsible for meeting the the group’s mentor and team lead weekly
  • Each PA will attend all team meetings at the decided upon time
  • Each PA will attend all of the group’s events throughout the semester
  • The PAs as a group will serve as the executive board for the mandatory all-FIRE Starter meetings on Mondays @ 9:00pm
  • Plan and execute the all-student leader retreat at the beginning of each semester

GRC Programs and Initiatives

  • Each PA will be assigned a primary function within major GRC responsibilities, such as: communications, student leadership recruitment/ GREFs, assessment, and special projects, etc.
  • Each PA will participate in program and initiative development, implementation, and continuous improvement related to their function area
  • All of the duties and responsibilities will be designed and assigned at the discretion of the supervisor

Office Support and Operation

  • Deliver and hang informational/marketing materials to the residence halls and academic buildings at the discretion of the GRC full-time staff
  • Assist in greeting visitors, answering phones and organizing the office/storage room when needed
  • Assist with data entry, budgeting and staffing of tables, programs and event, etc. when needed

Application Process:

The GRC Program Assistant Application deadline is Monday, April 5, 2021 at Noon.

Please contact John Johnstin with any question about the Program Assistant position or application process.

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